Even Roses Have Thorns…

Today was to be an up and at ’em type day. Things to do, places to go. After so many weeks of rain and grey skies, today dawned bright and sunny.  There has been precious little point in shutting the curtains as I go to bed as dusk turns to dark and then rise whenContinue reading “Even Roses Have Thorns…”

Hold On…

Well, that was the week that was. Charlotte has been with me for 10 days here in French France and now has returned to the UK in time to watch the Euro footie final. Not that that was specifically the reason for her to fly back but, just as time waits for no man, inContinue reading “Hold On…”

To repurpose, or not, that is the question…

Yes, your veritable howls of derision were heard this far south in French France when I casually displayed my penchant for repurposing items that were no longer of use. On arrival here last December, one of my first tasks was to remove from the wall in the Gatehouse an offending cooker extractor hood that wouldContinue reading “To repurpose, or not, that is the question…”

No Makeup, No Problem…

I decided not to wear makeup today. Now to many of you, that might be a shock. But along with the high (something for the weekend sir?) heels and the lacy whatevers, today was a day for getting down and dirty. So it was to be no makeup, but instead, jeans with a t-shirt comboContinue reading “No Makeup, No Problem…”

Living with a Bosslady…

Moving swiftly on from the previous On Being Liberal…with a small L Blog and not one to cause a scene or debacle for longer than is strictly necessary, it may simply be due to the previous six months and eighteen days (or 199 days in total) and the total lack of tactile connectivity between CharlotteContinue reading “Living with a Bosslady…”

Three Reasons To Be Cheerful…

“It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life…and I’m feeling good” sings Nina Simone. Following on from my Facebook post of ‘Woke up today…result!’ I wanted to share with you the time when I recently bumped into Anthony Hopkins, who was sporting a Covid-19 lockdown hairstyle, just like lots of usContinue reading “Three Reasons To Be Cheerful…”

Being a Bright Spark

During this Bank Holiday weekend, I set myself the challenge of entering the Shed and sorting out the contents, as my dear friend Barry, has been cathartically clearing out his own. As I am not one to not look the proverbial gift horse in the mouth, with open arms I welcomed important ‘stock’ from hisContinue reading “Being a Bright Spark”

Back on Bacon

“Alfie, would you like me to bring you a bacon roll for your lunch tomorrow?” asked Charlotte. Bacon? Did someone mention bacon? Now to be fair, someone only has to say something similar to bacon, like “are we back on for the weekend?” for my little ears to prick up and take notice. It mustContinue reading “Back on Bacon”

Being Loved

It’s five minutes to six in the morning. I know this because I’ve been awake for some time now and had to listen while the birds perform their morning dawn chorus. They always start at the first crack of sparrow’s fart and witter on for the next two hours extolling the virtues of their ownContinue reading “Being Loved”

Being Probed

It’s Sunday afternoon. Harriet has been released from Lockdown at the Care Home and she is unable to go back to work there until she has 1. Been tested for Covid-19 and 2. Been given the all-clear. As several of our family are designated as ‘Key Workers’ in the Covid-19 pandemic, we have each receivedContinue reading “Being Probed”