Agadir, Part 2. Camels At Sunset…

Camel riding along the beach at sunset is a Moroccan experience that surprisingly surpassed all our expectations.  In my mind’s eye I’m imagining sandy North African deserts, Bedouin tents, lush, green watering hole oasis’ and warm, balmy evenings all set conveniently around a small campfire where, above us, the stars of the heavens twinkle inContinue reading “Agadir, Part 2. Camels At Sunset…”

“Nurse, The Screens…!”

I’ve had my stomach pumped out. I know that might come as a shock, but it’s true. I’m sure you are now assessing this information and drawing your own conclusions involving an overdose of alcohol consumption here in French France, or my having taken copious quantities of painkillers for my lower back, but fear not,Continue reading ““Nurse, The Screens…!””