Daily Dribble…Sri Lanka #3/4

Friday, Day 7 and following our final breakfast at Castle Hill Bungalow, Kandy, we are finally off on a train ride to Nuwara Eliya. At the train station in Kandy, Charlotte decides it will be a fabulous idea to have a few nibbles for the journey. It’s due to take 4 hours to climb intoContinue reading “Daily Dribble…Sri Lanka #3/4”

Daily Dribble…Sri Lanka #2/4

Monday, Day 3 and we have been delivered to the Royal Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya where the scale and grandeur make you feel very small and young as this historic space dates back to 1821. At 32°c today even though I’d like to have some of these specimens in our garden, the humidity needed to keepContinue reading “Daily Dribble…Sri Lanka #2/4”

Menopause, A Man’s Perspective…

Having survived the last thirty to forty years since leaving school and making my way in life, I am now in a position to look backwards as well as forwards from the crossroads of being in my late 50’s. Keep that fact between you and me as, just between us, I’m still 27… Settled withinContinue reading “Menopause, A Man’s Perspective…”

Gone Native…

As I staggered down this morning to flick the switch on the kettle for the early brew of hot lemon, I caught ‘the look’ from Ruby, deep within her hiding place under the stairs as her gimlet eyes glinted up at me while winter’s dawn broke far across the distant hillside and the rising sunContinue reading “Gone Native…”

Being Loved

It’s five minutes to six in the morning. I know this because I’ve been awake for some time now and had to listen while the birds perform their morning dawn chorus. They always start at the first crack of sparrow’s fart and witter on for the next two hours extolling the virtues of their ownContinue reading “Being Loved”

Yoga for the Afflicted…

Being a Director of a company that has to Carry On Regardless whatever global issue befalls us, I have just returned home from a difficult day at the office.  Like the Eye of Sauron, the Covid-19 pandemic is turning its gaze and attention towards us, exhaling deeply it’s fetid breath of daily death in ourContinue reading “Yoga for the Afflicted…”