Carry on Regardless

“You’re just in time” cried I, (in my best West Country accent), as you have just opened the door to a world of delights or mayhem, whichever way you want to look at it, that goes for an explanation of what passes as Life Chez Moi. A moment later and you could have been side-tracked by the children wailing or the phone ringing or some mundane event that passes as a reason for our existence.

The fact that you probably should be tending to the needs of your precious offspring, or answering the call from the boss, rather than spending time reading media reports like this, proves that you have power over your own environment and maintains your self-belief that you are in control of your own life. Well done you!

Now that you’re here, might I first say that you are reading my own thoughts on events that have happened to me as an individual, being part of a wider family, social institution, community and society and are in no way representative of other’s thoughts or beliefs, or meant to reflect how Company worked for, or Institution belonged to, think. In other words, take what you read as mine and mine alone. Agree or disagree, the choice is yours, but if I’ve brought a smile to your face or a frown to your brow it is only my intent to show life as I see it personally.

A question I’m often asked when telling stories of past events, often concerning my daughter H is, “did that really happen?” Now I can appreciate why the question would be asked, as even for me, the stories told often stretch my belief to the taut line of tensile strength after which only separation of the individual fibres will occur. My answer to you is yes, any and every event has happened and while I appreciate that individual people viewing a single event at the same time from differing angles might have perspective issues that conflict in small ways, the basis of every story is grounded on accuracy.

For you to make sense and feel connected to this Blog, you need to know the dynamics of the environment in which it is written. Some readers might know me, know of me or not know me at all, so let me introduce the immediate characters who will feature.

Matron is in charge. Be in no doubt of this. Any deviance from her strict path of propriety will incur swingeing penalty.

H, International Model and Jet Setter extraordinaire, likes to think she is in charge and highly intelligent. You the jury can decide on that one.

G, 6ft 2, tallest tribe member at present, will feature on limited occasion only, as his line of future development is as yet undecided and could be harmed by unwary comment.

A, being a minor, is sarcastic, an irritant, likeable and has a lot to learn, even though in his own words, failure is often preceded by “I aced it!”

If anyone has been left out or feels they should get more of a mention, then email me and I’ll consider inclusion at some point, if there are sufficient grounds to do so. If not, then my decision will be, stiff upper lip old chap, tough!

Carry On Regardless!


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