2 Weeks In…

After 14 days of howling gales and storms that would put English weather to shame, I turned to look through the salon window and shouted “will you please give it a rest” to which the weather gods, in their ivory towers, said a resolute “Non”. Two weeks of struggling to and from the barn, ladenContinue reading “2 Weeks In…”

Being Confined to Barracks

It’s been some considerable time now. Long enough for most of us to forget when it all began. The Great Confinement will undoubtedly become fabled like the stories of old, which started with the immortal line, “During the war…” and were swiftly followed by other such lines as… “Do you remember…”      “…the crispy bacon?…”       “…theContinue reading “Being Confined to Barracks”

Fear of the Unknown

Whenever we find ourselves in a new situation, an experience that we yet have to witness or an event we must endure, it is not uncommon to have that unsettling feeling – fear of the unknown. From time immemorial, since humans first crawled from caves to hunt and kill, to survive, we have been constantlyContinue reading “Fear of the Unknown”