Agadir, Part 1. Never Say Never…

‘Never say never’ goes the well known saying. One to which the wise amongst us do well to subscribe to as, if nothing else proves an old adage true, time will out and reveal all, as all things inexorably change. What once was, will indeed be repeated, as lessons from the past are rarely learntContinue reading “Agadir, Part 1. Never Say Never…”

I’ve Nailed it……

There is no more I can do. Alfie left school today and with that momentous achievement, moved inexorably towards his future life in the Royal Navy. Charlotte and I have got him through his school years. The final child of three, Alfie has been by far the easiest to drag through those years of schoolingContinue reading “I’ve Nailed it……”

Being Completely Relaxed

In 1983, the British band, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, released ‘Relax’. With its throbbing rhythm, slapping baseline and pulsating synth chords, relaxation is not something that readily springs to my mind…. However, as we are all undergoing differing anxiety and stress levels while the present pandemic sweeps across the globe, Charlotte has suggested that, asContinue reading “Being Completely Relaxed”

Fear of the Unknown

Whenever we find ourselves in a new situation, an experience that we yet have to witness or an event we must endure, it is not uncommon to have that unsettling feeling – fear of the unknown. From time immemorial, since humans first crawled from caves to hunt and kill, to survive, we have been constantlyContinue reading “Fear of the Unknown”

Social Distancing

So far, I have had three weeks of separation from my daughter, Harriet.  It is one thing to still visit us when the government has ‘suggested’ we all stay at home, it’s something entirely different when you’re insisting on bringing your friend with you too, who is just down from London! As advisory suggestions madeContinue reading “Social Distancing”