Fear of the Unknown

Whenever we find ourselves in a new situation, an experience that we yet have to witness or an event we must endure, it is not uncommon to have that unsettling feeling – fear of the unknown. From time immemorial, since humans first crawled from caves to hunt and kill, to survive, we have been constantlyContinue reading “Fear of the Unknown”

Social Distancing

So far, I have had three weeks of separation from my daughter, Harriet.  It is one thing to still visit us when the government has ‘suggested’ we all stay at home, it’s something entirely different when you’re insisting on bringing your friend with you too, who is just down from London! As advisory suggestions madeContinue reading “Social Distancing”

Smite, Smitten, Smote….

It is with a certain level of trepidation that the request to “bring your swimming costume” is received. The image of the school rugby baths, the city communal baths, the Scandinavian saunas where heavily perspiring chaps congregate, in greater or lesser extent of exposure, rears its sweating head to meet my mind’s gaze. Not aContinue reading “Smite, Smitten, Smote….”

My colour is not your colour

Being an electrician was never going to be a personal talent, life skill or my strong suit. If copper wires sheathed in multi-coloured plastic had feelings of their own, they would hold me in abject disdain for my attempts at stripping their ends, inserting them into the correct microscopic apertures and screwing them tight, leastContinue reading “My colour is not your colour”

For display purposes only….

In England we have come a long way since the days of using newspaper squares in the toilet. The following excerpt is from a Charity trip M and I took to Ukraine in 2016. “The temperature is reaching 30 degrees and the loo is needed as you’ve been on the bottled water since breakfast. TakingContinue reading “For display purposes only….”

You can choose your friends

Friends can be special creatures of uncertain habits. Now before all of you come knocking at my door with a baseball bat, wrapped in barbed wire, called Lucille, fear not, identities will be unrecognisable to those who do not actually know the individuals in question, so that the innocent are protected. Those who fail theContinue reading “You can choose your friends”