Laugh? I Almost Cried!

Taking a tumble or a fall at any time of life can be a bit of a shock, though how we individually and mentally process the act of falling over can be very different, depending on how much water has passed under our bridge of life. For instance, the toddler who is just learning toContinue reading “Laugh? I Almost Cried!”

It’s A Celebration…!

This week, Charlotte visits me here in French France and, as it happens to coincide with the anniversaire of the day I was born, she takes me to La Rochelle, on the West Coast, to celebrate. It is an opportunity for us to remember several missed personal milestones due not only to the unusually largeContinue reading “It’s A Celebration…!”

Skeletons or Salvation…?

It has been said that anything other than sliding sideways into heaven with a used up and worn out body, shouting to St. Peter on the way past, “Cheers old chap, that was a blast!” is a waste of a life!  Also, that if you’ve made enemies, then at least you’ve stood up for something,Continue reading “Skeletons or Salvation…?”

Paying It Forward…

We have no idea how acts of love and kindness can have a ripple effect, many years after the figurative pebble has been dropped into the proverbial pond. In 2008 I returned to the City of Canterbury to begin my tenure at the well known family run Funeral Directors, C. W. Lyons & Son Ltd.Continue reading “Paying It Forward…”

Even Roses Have Thorns…

Today was to be an up and at ’em type day. Things to do, places to go. After so many weeks of rain and grey skies, today dawned bright and sunny.  There has been precious little point in shutting the curtains as I go to bed as dusk turns to dark and then rise whenContinue reading “Even Roses Have Thorns…”

Hold On…

Well, that was the week that was. Charlotte has been with me for 10 days here in French France and now has returned to the UK in time to watch the Euro footie final. Not that that was specifically the reason for her to fly back but, just as time waits for no man, inContinue reading “Hold On…”

To repurpose, or not, that is the question…

Yes, your veritable howls of derision were heard this far south in French France when I casually displayed my penchant for repurposing items that were no longer of use. On arrival here last December, one of my first tasks was to remove from the wall in the Gatehouse an offending cooker extractor hood that wouldContinue reading “To repurpose, or not, that is the question…”

No Makeup, No Problem…

I decided not to wear makeup today. Now to many of you, that might be a shock. But along with the high (something for the weekend sir?) heels and the lacy whatevers, today was a day for getting down and dirty. So it was to be no makeup, but instead, jeans with a t-shirt comboContinue reading “No Makeup, No Problem…”

Living with a Bosslady…

Moving swiftly on from the previous On Being Liberal…with a small L Blog and not one to cause a scene or debacle for longer than is strictly necessary, it may simply be due to the previous six months and eighteen days (or 199 days in total) and the total lack of tactile connectivity between CharlotteContinue reading “Living with a Bosslady…”

On being liberal…with a small L

“Laser 558, broadcasting live from the North Sea, where the music is only a minute away…”  A classic strapline from the Laser pirate radio station that competed with Radio Caroline during the early 1980’s, when broadcasting music to eager listeners from ships moored in international waters near the Thames Estuary was the height of livingContinue reading “On being liberal…with a small L”