Agadir, Part 2. Camels At Sunset…

Camel riding along the beach at sunset is a Moroccan experience that surprisingly surpassed all our expectations.  In my mind’s eye I’m imagining sandy North African deserts, Bedouin tents, lush, green watering hole oasis’ and warm, balmy evenings all set conveniently around a small campfire where, above us, the stars of the heavens twinkle inContinue reading “Agadir, Part 2. Camels At Sunset…”

Agadir, Part 1. Never Say Never…

‘Never say never’ goes the well known saying. One to which the wise amongst us do well to subscribe to as, if nothing else proves an old adage true, time will out and reveal all, as all things inexorably change. What once was, will indeed be repeated, as lessons from the past are rarely learntContinue reading “Agadir, Part 1. Never Say Never…”

There Can Be No Excuse…

It has been many months since I last laid my quill upon the parchment of Life’s Rich Tapestry, this tome, annal, novelette, biographical chapter or simply a five minute tea break. To bring you a thought, anecdote, titbit (or tidbit depending on where your origins lay), story, quote, quip, epistle, historical happening or short story,Continue reading “There Can Be No Excuse…”

Free game! If you dare…

Never let it be said that retirement doesn’t bring an opportunity to learn new and exciting skills. The old adage of ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ is officially outdated and redundant, as this very week I am able to testify. For all of you thinking that my age related disorders (ARD) andContinue reading “Free game! If you dare…”

Christmas Magic Morsels…

T’was the week before Christmas and Ruby decided that her diet of ‘Nutty’ (extra rations outside of normal feeding times, foraged from the undergrowth and roadside verge), should be supplementrificated and swollen with the inclusion of mushrooms, which are prolific this time of year in French France. Not just any mushrooms though. That would beContinue reading “Christmas Magic Morsels…”

In Search of Nutty

Réveillé here is at 07:30 since the clocks changed. There’s no rest for the wicked so I must surely be very bad.  I’m ready and on parade in under two minutes. No slacking here! There are grumbles from others who are less than prompt. Tardy more like. Where is the hardship in getting up inContinue reading “In Search of Nutty”

“Nurse, The Screens…!”

I’ve had my stomach pumped out. I know that might come as a shock, but it’s true. I’m sure you are now assessing this information and drawing your own conclusions involving an overdose of alcohol consumption here in French France, or my having taken copious quantities of painkillers for my lower back, but fear not,Continue reading ““Nurse, The Screens…!””

Laugh? I Almost Cried!

Taking a tumble or a fall at any time of life can be a bit of a shock, though how we individually and mentally process the act of falling over can be very different, depending on how much water has passed under our bridge of life. For instance, the toddler who is just learning toContinue reading “Laugh? I Almost Cried!”

It’s A Celebration…!

This week, Charlotte visits me here in French France and, as it happens to coincide with the anniversaire of the day I was born, she takes me to La Rochelle, on the West Coast, to celebrate. It is an opportunity for us to remember several missed personal milestones due not only to the unusually largeContinue reading “It’s A Celebration…!”

Skeletons or Salvation…?

It has been said that anything other than sliding sideways into heaven with a used up and worn out body, shouting to St. Peter on the way past, “Cheers old chap, that was a blast!” is a waste of a life!  Also, that if you’ve made enemies, then at least you’ve stood up for something,Continue reading “Skeletons or Salvation…?”