Race, Creed, Colour…

“Racism in any form is never okay and should never be tolerated.”

A statement for reposting to show support for all those who suffer from the hands of intolerance. 

Breeding is not something any of us have any personal control over. We arrive, we grow up, we are taught, we learn, we decide. It is in this finality of personal decision that our individuality is expressed. As humans we have the capacity and capability for uniqueness yet so often we are coerced into beliefs of others and rather than standing alone as one voice against society’s sheep, we are absorbed into the majority rule of conformity.

We each have a mind of limitless capabilities and to not use it to its full potential is surely missing an opportunity for enlightenment.

I originate from French Huguenot on one side of the family and German Jew on the other, with some Irish thrown into the mix along the way too.

I’m English, yes? I was born there, speak and write the language of that land? I have lived there for the majority of my life? But does any of that make me English or British? The colour of my skin would be classed as white, but send me outside into the sun for a day or two and even our wedding photographs had to be doctored to lighten me up in contrast to Charlotte’s colouration! The shade of skin difference between us was so great, even though the camera is supposed not to lie.

I am European. Not confined to one country or location or language even though at the moment I live in French France. Not defined by anyone or anything except myself. Who I want to be, where I want to live and how I respond to those I meet.

You are all my brothers and sisters. We are all one family. We all breathe the same air and have the same needs. My humanity is your humanity. My love is the same as your love. My arms will hold you through the darkness of segregation and racial embitterment until the freedom of enlightenment shines through, where love for one another is our focus and ultimate goal. 

I support tolerance, inclusivity, friendship, kindness and love. And I will…

Carry on Regardless


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