There will always be Change

Today is actually, literally, my first day off from work this year and as such you might expect something slightly different to the waking up regime chez moi. However, with Ruby to attend to, everyone who has an animal or creature of habit will know, that time, or dog, waits for no man. 

So Charlotte rose to attend to the needs of said beast and returned with a coffee for me. How marvellous. What did I do to deserve such care and attention? Well you might ask. For twelve years almost, this lovely lady has looked after me, nine of those have been married years. Since May 27, 2011, in Zante, Greece, this funny, sarcastic, warm, caring, loving woman, has chosen this marital conjoinment, deciding that her mind, heart, soul and body, is best placed as my yoked companion in Life’s Rich Tapestry. 

Early on, Charlotte happened to read some snippets of my diatribes, wondering whether she had made some terribly huge mistake, but sense prevailed and time has proven that compatibility comes in all shapes and sizes, warts and all.

This morning, as her nominated driver for the grocery run, I loitered outside the supermarché aujourd’hui, while she scampered up and down the isles of Covid City with the great unwashed or those who simply like us, were in need of provisions, ours being to feed Young Child’s ravenous requirements. On that subject, Alfie is today cooking dinner on my newly acquired winnings from Barry’s shed contents. Heat is supposed to kill this blasted virus so stand well back chaps, the arson king is about to go into battle on the Pit of Hades Barbie, in an attempt to make raw meat edible. I’ll be holding my breath and stomach on that one, I can assure you. If this blog is to be posted posthumously, you’ll know the reason why and who to come looking for!

On a positive note, even though every silver lining has to have a cloud, the life insurance will undoubtedly be a bonus…

While I awaited Charlotte’s re-emergence from said shop, I observed all those who, like her, were entering or leaving. As one who likes to pay attention to fashion, ahem, I wondered if nationally, en ce moment, are we not bearing some resemblance to a figure from histoire, namely that dastardly highwayman, Richard Turpin? With certain persons opting for the homemade style of facial adornment, gaily coloured fabrics were being sported by many a chap. On arrival at the checkout, is one supposed to remove these masks to prove you aren’t there to rob them of all their register contains, offering a sweet smile of nonchalance, before raising the mask of obscurity once more, to cover and catch the potential spittle that might exude from facial orifices?

So we now all scuttle about our daily lives, resembling footpads (as we left our horses tied at the railings outside) from yesteryear, yet with no intention of putting our anonymity to use as our infamous ancestor once did.

Society has perhaps progressed somewhat leaving daylight robbery to the government of the moment…

Charlotte often writes a list of chores for the forthcoming day and then, when one has been completed, the pen comes out and with a flourish of achievement, she strikes through the listed item. 

My list for the day has one item on it…

Read book.

Not one to rest on my laurels however, you’ll be pleased to hear that I have been quietly attending to other matters of great importance to ensure the smooth running of the day at work, as well as at home. 

My role is not one you can simply switch off from, with many a night’s sleep lost or disturbed by thoughts for those to whom my responsibilities lay. I have one chance to make everything run right, so I’d better be on point whether or not I have a day off. Fortunately I have wonderful collègues who step into the breach on my behalf and are receptive to my urgent texts to remember this detail, or that request, in my absence. 

When my time comes to leave, I will be eternally grateful for all their help during my tenure. A team only works well when all members have each other’s back and look out for one another. I am sure that life will carry on regardless in my absence as it always has.

Life’s Rich Tapestry has many facets and paths for us to take and I am grateful for all those who continue to walk with me during the uphill struggles as well as the downhill races.

Earlier on I referred to a phrase that has often cropped up during our relationship – warts and all. An acceptance of faults as well as perfections as it is only in this true understanding of humanity that we can learn to love each other through all life’s trials, tribulations, joys and successes. If we spend our time trying to chase youth, it grows old,  beauty will fade, health deteriorates, just as the colour of my hair will undoubtedly turn (even more) white. It is in enjoying all the different aspects of life that we are able to accept and appreciate change, to enjoy change, to marvel in the chance to witness change (when so many of us fail to make old bones), that in the end, we come to appreciate Life’s Rich Tapestry, warts and all. 

Charlotte changed my life for the better twelve years ago when we met and then nine years ago when we said our vows on a Greek island beach. 

Life is consistently one of daily wonder, amazement and change, a sometimes challenging changeable gift that has been given to each of us, even as we sometimes struggle to…

Carry on regardless


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